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About Better Living Through Technology

Better Living Through Technology is the new name for

The site aims to promote the use of technology to help people with disabilities.

The information is written with Special Educational Needs in mind; but the information can be useful for helping older people too. This site is targeted towards professionals working with pupils and students with Special Educational Needs. It is mostly aimed at Teachers, Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Therapists, Assistive Technology Assessors and Parents.

Better Living Through Technology is entirely independent of any commercial company and can therefore offer unbiased advice on the specialist software and hardware available.

Who writes this stuff anyway?

The author of this website is an experienced disability consultant, assessor and trainer. His name is Charlie Danger and he lives in South London and likes hearing from people so please contact him... [more]

A history of Better Living Through Technology

Better Living Through Technology started off in 1999 as the Outreach Technical section of the Thomas Wolsey school's website. In a similar fashion to Dr Who's constantly changing face it then became before in 2006 becoming Better Living Through Technology.

Find out more and see some old screenshots of the site developing over the past seven years.

Visual Styles & Accessibility

Better Living Through Technology has different visual styles available and also uses features designed to help users of screenreaders, such as a hidden Skip To Contents link on every page.

Feedback, questions, comments and requests

I love hearing from the people who visit my pages. Please get in touch for any reason you like but especially like hearing feedback, questions, comments and requests (and offers!)

Contact the site.

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