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Windows Vista Display

UPDATE: The new Windows Vista operating system has now been introduced. See my article about Resolution Independence for further information.

Windows Vista ScreenshotWindows Vista, previously codenamed 'Longhorn' and due to be released late 2006, is planned to display information on the screen in a manner that is more accessible to users with low vision.

It will use a new vector-based display engine called the 'Windows Presentation Foundation' which will allow lots of flashy graphics and 3D effects.

The user interface (windows, buttons and so forth) will be positioned using a mark-up language that should allow easy scaling of Windows and their contents by the user. This should be as effective as changing the resolution but with greater flexibility, precision, and one could scale individual windows. Hopefully this will be as easy as dragging the edge of a window with the mouse.

"Windows Vista can smoothly scale icons and the overall user experience to higher dots-per-inch (DPI) displays. As a result, users of applications designed for high DPI display, such as photo editing or engineering applications, will not struggle to read small on-screen text when simultaneously using an application that is not designed for a high-DPI display."


Will my computer run Windows Vista?

The exact specification of a computer needed to run Vista will not be known until summer 2006 at the earliest. However, these guidelines provide useful estimates:

  • 512 megabytes or more of RAM
  • A dedicated graphics card with DirectX 9.0 support
  • A modern, Intel Pentium- or AMD Athlon-based PC

And Finally

Microsoft, Windows and Vista are almost certainly registered trademarks of Microsoft. I still don't see how people can buy English words and stop others from using them but evidentially it's possible and if you use any of these words to try and sell something then you'll probably get sent a rude letter.

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