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Windows XP Vision Accessibility Options - Where and How

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Windows' vision accessibility options are spread all over the place. Knowing that it's possible to adjust an item is one thing but knowing where and how to go about it is another. The following list links to step-by-step printable guides that explain the ins and outs of each feature.

The Where & Hows

Windows Colour & Size

Windows Pointers & Text Cursors

Microsoft Word

Web Pages Colours & Magnification

Coming Soon

  • Windows Narrator
  • Windows Magnifier
  • Enabling large icons using Control Panel > Display > Appearance > Effects
  • Enabling ClearType using Control Panel > Display > Appearance > Effects
  • Enlarging everything in Windows in one step using Control Panel > Display > Settings > Advanced > Resolution
  • Switching visual themes using Control Panel > Display > Theme

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