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Help with single-clicking

Top Tip: Inclusive Technology's fun MouseSkills External Link program is a great way to assess and improve mouse control.

Holding a mouse steady while clicking the button is a very complex task and requires excellent fine motor control. There are a variety of possible solutions available to those you struggle to single-click a mouse button.

Accessibility Options

The first stage is to have a look at the Windows Accessibility Options and scattered features, concentrating on slowing the motion of the pointer or enlarging targets on the screen.

Alternative Mice

The second stage is to have a look at the mouse you are using. Your mouse may be a model that is particularly difficult to use and you may find one that suits your hand better in the shops. Large computers stores often have mice on display that you can try in your hand before buying.

Ergonomic mice that have been carefully and professionally designed around the human hand are available at a slightly higher cost. Notable models currently available include the Anir Verticle and Perfit Mice, both available from Osmond Ergonomics External Link.

Replace the mouse button with a switch

A popular solution is to add an external switch to act as a left or right mouse button. The switch can take the form of a foot-operated pedal or a discrete lever switch that can be velcro'd to your keyboard (often a two-handed approach)... [more]

Try a rollerball

You could also take a look at the various rollerballs that are available. I often recommend these for people who can't control a mouse at all but rollerball could be the perfect solution as the button element is separate from the part that moves the pointer.

Mouse Dwell

Dwell clicking works by resting the mouse in a position for a predetermined amount of time and the computer accepting this to be a click. The downside comes with the potential for frequent accidental clicking... [more]

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