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Swapping over the Mouse Buttons

If you are left-handed then you will benefit from having a mouse that fits your hand (i.e. not one designed specifically for the right hand).

You will also benefit from swapping over the left and right buttons. This is because your index finger is usually the easiest finger to isolate and at the moment you're probably currently using your second finger for clicking and double clicking.

Fortunately, swapping the mouse buttons Windows is really easy.

Start Menu

Click on your Start button and select Control Panel.

If there is no Control Panel in your Start Menu then your school's technician or network administrator has stopped you from being able to access it!

Control Panel

Inside the Control Panel, locate the 'Mouse' icon and double-click it to launch it.

If you struggle with double-clicking then you can click on it once to highlight it, and then press the enter key to open it.

Mouse Button Options

The Mouse Properties dialog window should pop up. Simply click on the 'Left-handed' text under 'Button configuration'.

Click OK and the buttons will have swapped over. It will remain like this until someone goes in and changes it back.

SwapMouseButton Icon

Just before we finish up - SwapMouseButtons is a great little program that swaps the mouse buttons over in a flash simply by pressing CTRL+F12.

You can download this program for free from my downloads page.

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