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This page contains software that I have created for my clients and made available for people to use in similar cases. Many more free resources that I have found around the Internet are mentioned throughout the Better Living Through Technology Website. These are now all available in one single list on my Free Resources page.


I made these popular cursors to be bright, colourful and easy to track. See my article on increasing pointer visibility for further information.


This handy utility (made by someone else!) lets you swap over the Left & Right mouse buttons by pressing a quick keyboard shortcut. Not only useful for left-handers but also many rollerball users will benefit from this.

The Great Fish Race

A simple switch-accessible Flash activity available to download. Find out more on my Great Fish Race page.

Registry Accessibility Tweaks

These tweaks are designed for computers running Windows XP only. Do not use if you are unsure how the registry works and always back up first! Please read my disclaimer before using.

Explorer Tooltips

Microsoft Windows Explorer's tooltips can really get in the way if you use a magnification program such as Supernova, Magic or ZoomText. These files allow you to toggle these tooltips on and off.

StickyKeys at Logon / Startup

These tweaks enable stickykeys at the XP logon screen. This allows CTRL, ALT and DEL to be pressed one by one.

Windows Keys

Pressing a Windows Key accidentally opens up the Start Menu, displaying a list of programs that a pupil might be distracted by. Use these two tweaks to disable the windows keys on your computer. Perfect for integrating into a logon script in a networked environment:

If the above Windows Keys tweaks won't work you may need to use these alternatives:

Coming Soon

I'm working on some more software including:


Framework 2

Word Companion (working title)

Flash games and activities

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I have tested all the above on two or three computers but not exhaustively. I'm confident that it's all pretty harmless but, as with most software, I need to state the following:

Better Living Through Technology makes no warranties or representations, either express or implied in relation to, and accepts no liability in respect of the software. You load and use the software at your own risk and Better Living Through Technology will not be liable to you for any direct or indirect damages including for lost profits or for any other consequential loss arising from your use of or inability to use the software or from errors or deficiencies in it.

Always be careful with registry files and make sure you back up the registry first.

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