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Free Software & other Resources

Here is a list of free software and other resources I have found useful in the field of special educaitonal needs and the wider area of computer access for people with disabilities.

Please Let me know if you have any suggestions for this list.

Fun & Free Sites, Games & Online Activities

Be sure that you check out the 'Special Sites' listed near the bottom of this page, some of which contain loads and loads of free games and activities.

My Jackson Pollock made at External Link

Create some abstract expressionist art (potentially worth millions) using a mouse, rollerball, joystick or headpointer. Press the mouse button (or switch) to change the colour of your paint and start Action Painting. See you at Sotheby's!

Gonzo (the muppet) being fired from a cannon. Of course. External Link

What better way to learn maths than to fire a loveable adventurous muppet out of a cannon? The aim is to get Gonzo to land safely in a large bucket of water by adjusting the angle and power of the shot.

Downloadable Software

The following useful freebies are mentioned on other pages in my site:

  • ReadPlease - Reads text aloud
  • Screen Tinter Lite - Easily adjusts colours on your screen
  • Click N Type - A customisable on-screen keyboard
  • DOSK - Allows you to resize the Windows XP on-screen keyboard and automatically dock it up against any application such as Microsoft Word (scroll to bottom of linked page)
  • Sensory Software Switch Driver - An advanced switch driver
  • Adobe Photoshop Album - Allows you to organise all those digital photographs
  • Albert Faber's CDEX - Copies music from CD onto your hard drive
  • Swap Mouse Buttons - Allows a single keypress to switch mouse buttons
  • Dwell Clicker - Lets you operate the mouse or headpointer without the need to click
  • FireFox External Link - Offers far greater web accessibility than Internet Explorer
  • SAW 5 External Link - Allows switch access to windows applications
  • IrfanView External Link - Free and easy-to-use graphics maniuplator
  • Dasher - An innovative on-screen keyboard that allows really fast typing for mouse, joystick, eyegaze and headpointer users
  • Camera Mouse 2009 External Link - Very usable free head tracking software that works with any webcam.
  • Tapir External Link - Another innovative on-screen keyboard that uses a mobile phone-style input method with prediction

Lots more coming soon! Make sure you stay up-to-date by subscribing to my blog or my newsletter.

Special Sites

These are websites that have numerous activities designed for people with more special educational needs:

Priory Woods School External Link

There are over 150 resources on this site including cause & effect/targetting activities, interactive talking books and many other motivating activities that promote choice-making and timing. They have had over 1.3 million downloads from their site so far making their activites very popular indeed.

Grey Olltwit External Link

Mr Olltwit has over 190 educational games and utilities on his website many of which are suitable for special educational needs. The site used to be completely free but now a one-off low payment is required to become a lifelong member and have access to all the software.

SEN Teacher External Link

SEN Teacher has links to many free games and utilities from around the web plus several that the site's author has made. These include touch and switch games involving a variety of subjects including faces and money.

OATS Portal External Link

This site lists lots of Open Source software designed to assist people with physical or cognitive difficulties. The software is split into categories like On-Screen Keyboards and Environmental Control and include software such as SAW 5 (see below) and the WWAAC talking accessible web browser.

My Downloads

Check out the software that I'm providing for free on my downloads page.

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