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My favourite sites unrelated to Special Educational Needs

The following links have little or nothing to do with SEN but I find them all very useful and they deserve a mention on my website. I intend to keep adding more as and when I think of them.

Digital Photography Review |

A very popular website devoted to digital cameras and their accessories. Beautifully organized with in-depth reviews on all the digital cameras that matter including Digital SLRs. Has a very interesting timeline tracking the development of digital photography and very useful (and extremely popular) forums for each make of camera. If you're thinking of buying a digital camera then I recommend checking it out here first. UK (formerly Dealtime UK) |

This is my favourite price-comparison website. This is due to its simple layout comparing prices of appliances, computers, clothing, electronics and more from a range of well-known suppliers (which I believe is lacking in its popular alternative Kelkoo). also has useful extensive information on each object in its database. Whenever I want to buy something technical this is my first point of call.

SkyScanner |

Want a cheap flight to somewhere in Europe? This website is brilliant. It compares prices between airlines and displays information in a very intuitive and useful manner. Choose your departure and destination airports using a map of Europe and SkyScanner will display prices for each day of the next few months from a variety of airlines. These are shown in bar-graphs which are quick and easy to use. Click on the bar representing the day of flight and airline and SkyScanner will automatically log onto the airline's website and take you past the first few steps automatically.

BBC News |

Pretty self-explanatory but this is one of my most frequently-visited websites in order to catch up on news and weather.

Google |

Nothing beats google for searching the Web, but it's image and newgroups search are well worth investigation. Google Labs also has lots to offer including a new Web Accelerator that can save you hours of waiting (although maybe at the expensive of server traffic). As far as I'm concerned Google is the sine qua non of the Internet.

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