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Privacy Policy

Righto okay this is important.

There are certain opportunities on this website for you guys (the visitors) to provide me with feedback and your name and email address (such as for my free newsletter service)

Any comments that you make, along with your name, may be used to publicize the site (unless you ask me not to). This would usually be on a quotes page but I might also pop a particularly exciting comment onto a flyer or poster or something. Who knows.

Anyway the point is I will NEVER sell, rent, or provide for free anyone's email to anyone else without explicit permission from the email address owner. I won't hand out any personal information, in fact, other than a person's name which may be linked to a comment made about the site, site's services or the site owner.

Now there's a good chance I'll hang on to your email address and name somewhere secure so that I can email you in the future (although I'm certainly not in the business of sending out bulk emails as I have neither the time nor inclination) but if you ask me not to email you or store your details then I won't. I mean - it's basic politeness ain't it?

I hope that makes sense. If anyone knows how to write a proper privacy statement then get in touch! (Unless you're gonna charge me obviously!).

If anyone wants to pop out for lunch or a nice cup of tea* then give me a buzz too!

Charlie Danger
Better Living Through Technology


* long domain names are fashionable

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