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This website contains information that can be printed and used at home free of charge. Plus if you have any questions that are not answered here you can join the many people who contact me directly and I will endeavour to help you.


Assessments taken in the home are more affordable than my other types of assessment as they concentrate only on how assistive technology can help a person within the home environment. They remain as thorough and professional as my education assessments, however, and use the same four-step approach:

  1. Pre-assessment information gathering and planning
  2. Investigation of the client’s needs and goals
  3. Hands-on session to give the client a chance to try out a range of possible solutions
  4. Report sent out covering all findings and giving further advice

Sessions 2 and 3 take place in the client's home and usually on the same day.


I am able to offer 1:1 technology tutoring to individuals who have been provided with technology following assessment either by myself or another service.

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