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Charlie Danger
Charlie Danger

I started working in schools for children with physical and learning disabilities in 1998. As an IT Technician it was my role to make sure the printers and computers were working, but I soon took an interest in the special technology that enabled the students to communicate and access the computers. Within 3 months I was making my own switches and switch interfaces, and within 6 months was programming software to help meet individual needs.

Since these early beginnings I have worked for schools, charities, the NHS, education authorities, a foreign non-government organisation and for private individuals. I have created an assessment service from scratch, including creating pathway, forms, data and stock management; and advised organisations on best practice in delivering AT services.I have run numerous training programmes to schools, health organisations and charities and continue to provide support to individuals around the world.

I have always continued my love of working directly with individuals who would benefit from AT. I have worked with a wide range of people who have benefited from custom computer access solutions, AAC and environmental control.

I am a UK-registered occupational therapist and have gained the ATP accreditation. I am currently working on a MSc in Language & Communication Impairments in Children.