Charlie Danger
Charlie Danger BScOT

I am an experienced and creative occupational therapist passionate about the role of assistive technology in enabling people to participate fully in their lives. I am currently supporting individuals and those that care for them in Qatar while studying a Master’s degree in Language And Communication Impairment in Children at the University of Sheffield.

This website contains information on how to get the most out of technology. Either by adapting the technology itself or through the application of technology as a therapeutic and educational medium. The older version of the site can be found at www.bltt.org. There’s a lot of information there, but much of it is out of date. Please bear with me while I create a new site that relates to current technology and benefits from my increasing experience in the field.

Every aspect of this website is free to use under the Creative Commons licence (with the exception of the images which are attributed to the copyright owners). You may reuse as much as you like, with appropriate attribution, but please get in touch if you would like to use it for commercial purposes, or if you have any other comments or questions.


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