Adjust the speed of your mouse

Microsoft Windows has an easily adjustable option which allows users to speed up and slow down the mouse. Slowing the mouse movement can help overcome tremor problems, making it easier to click on small items. But as the pointer is slower to move the mouse requires more physical movement to get from one side of the screen to the other. This can become tiring.

Windows 8.1

Start Menu

Windows 8.1 users should press Windows Key and W together to open up your computer settings search box. Type “Mouse” and select Mouse from the list.

Mouse pointer speed options

Next click on the Pointer Options tab and adjust the pointer speed by moving the slider left and right.

Windows XP, Vista and 7

Select Control Panel from the Start Menu

Open up the Windows Control Panel by going to Start and selecting Control Panel from the menu.

Control Panel

Within the Control Panel, locate the ‘Mouse’ icon and double-click it to open the Mouse options. If you struggle with double-clicking then you can click on it once to highlight it, and then press the enter key to open it.

Mouse Properties

Click on Pointer Options and adjust the pointer speed.

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