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Charlie is an occupational therapist specialising in assitive technology solutions.

What’s happening at

Those of you who visit the website often, or those who are just looking at the feed, will […]

Digital Face indicating something is wrong

Hi everyone. I would like to apologise for the recent downtime of two weeks experienced by this site. […]

Daisy Player

What is a DAISY player? DAISY players are used to play DAISY audio books and are designed to be […]

Keyguards for Keyboards A keyguard is a plastic or metal cover that matches to a specific keyboard. These […]

One hand resting on a keyboard

Access options for one handed typing People approach one handed typing in different ways. The solution depends on […]

KidTrack Trackball

BigTrack A really sturdy but very inexpensive rollerball. This rollerball is so robust it can be operated with […]

About MND Motor Neurone Diseases (MND) are a group of progressive neurological disorders: amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also called […]

Compact Keyboard on a laptray

Tenkeyless Keyboards Compact keyboards are about the size of those found on laptop computers. The keys themselves are […]

BigKeys is a standard push-button keyboard but with bigger keys. The keys are 1″ square and are very […]

This document looks at the various presentation options for text on modern computers. It can be used as […]

Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome

Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome, frequently known as Meares-Irlen Syndrome, is a visual perceptual disorder which can affect a person’s […]

Word Prediction

Word prediction when typing has become common place thanks to the feature built into mobile phones. However long […]

Microsoft Word Overtype Mode

Microsoft Word has a feature called ‘overtype’ which annoys many of the users that I meet through my […]