Bendigo: A technology that can improve the lives of people with dementia

A small team based in Nottingham, UK, have created an award-winning system to help people with dementia to live better lives. The Bendigo System involves a central control box which connects to a television and sensors around the home. Messages provided by the system can be produced out loud using synthesised speech or by placing visual messages on the TV, or a combination of the two.

Messages include  prompts to take medication and reminders about the time of day. Sensors on the door are used to alert the user if they try to go for a walk in the middle of the night, assuming that they may have forgotten that a walk during the day is healthier and safer.

The system was co-created by the son and primary caregiver of a man with dementia. In addition to providing alerts and messages, the system provides a simple interface for TV, radio and music services.

Source: Nottingham Post


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