Learn Shapes & Colours with Patchimals Shapes&Colors

This fun app takes children through a series of activities to help them learn about shapes and colours. It can easily be used for a #TurnTaking activity and works great on the iPad Pro. It can also be used to promote good #FingerIsolation and #Targeting.

Start with the easy levels (touch any colour and touch any shape). As your child learns to identify or name these he or she can start to move through to the more difficult levels. In these levels they’ll need to quickly discriminate the right answers from distractors.

The app is nice to look and has a catchy soundtrack (which you can mute, of course). The app is FREE with an In-App purchase to access all but the most basic levels.

Designed for babies of 6 months and up and fits well into the pre-school bracket, or some older children with special educational needs.

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