Removing the need to double-click

Double-clicks are used to open folders and launch applications in Windows explorer (including on the desktop). They are used to open emails in Outlook. They’re rarely, if ever, required when browsing the internet.

The default time required to perform a double click is half a second. If you’re having difficulty performing a double-click you can slow or speed this up. You can also (usually) use a single click to select the item you wish to open and then press ENTER on the keyboard to open it.

Some mice have programmable buttons that allow you to remap a middle or side button into a special double-click button.

Turn off double-clicking

Windows 8 Explorer View

In Windows 8 open Windows Explorer by pressing the Windows Key and E together. Choose the View tab and select the Options icon.

Folder Options Menu Item

In Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 open up Windows Explorer by pressing Windows Key and E. In the Explorer Window go to the Tools menu and select Folder Options.

Windows 8 Explorer Options

In all versions of Windows up pops the Folder Options dialog. Under the ‘Click items as follows’ you’ll see that there’s a single-click option. Select this option and click on OK. You should now notice that desktop icons, files, and folders can now all be opened with a single-click.

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