RFID Rabbit-Be-Gone

Well the title says it all, doesn’t it? No? Ok a little explanation: I’ve been experimenting with a friendly RFID reader called mir:ror and tages including the Nabaztag rabbits, coming up with some ideas that could be very useful for people with learning difficulties and dementia. After pulling them all together I was planning to publish them on the new site.

An image of a rabbit device on a mir:ror
Rabbit on a mir:ror

However the company that makes them, and runs the servers required for them to operate, has rather frustratingly filed for bankruptcy. This is a shame. Please could one of my readers dig deep into their pockets and save this little company? It would mean a great deal to me! Plus I’ve been showing the system to some OT chums and everyone has given it the thumbs up. If only the emperor will do the same…

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