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The TextHelp Read and Write Dictionary

Read and Write Dictionary Toolbar Icon
The dictionary tool can be used anywhere that you can select or write text. It's a great tool to quickly look up words on the web, in emails or documents you have received or as part of your own proofreading.

Setting it up

TextHelp Read and Write is designed to be configured for a wide variety of users. Therefore before you start using any feature you should look through the options and tweak it for your own needs.

First you need to choose which definition set you wish to use:

  • Basic Definitions

  • These definitions are worded in a simple manner but the dictionary recognise far fewer words.
  • Advanced Definitions

  • The dictionary has a much larger vocabulary but the definition text is written in more complex language.
  • Web Definitions

  • You'll need to be connected to the Internet in order to use this feature. Read and Write sends the word you have selected to the website which then opens a window in your web browser.
Read and Write Dictionary Dropdown Menu

In order to select your definitions click on the small black arrow next to the Dictionary icon on the Read and Write toolbar. This should reveal a short menu from which you can select your preferred definition set.

Using the Dictionary Feature


The quickest way to use the dictionary is to highlight a word that you want to look up (via click-and-drag or a double click). Then click the Dictionary icon on the Read and Write toolbar or press:


Read and Write Dictionary screenshot

If you are using Basic or Advanced Definitions the Dictionary dialog should appear in the middle of your screen. If one or more definitions have been found they will be listed on the left hand side.

To hear a definition read aloud simply click on that definition and then on the Play button on the Read & write Toolbar or press:

CTRL + ALT + Down Arrow


Read and Write Dictionary Dialog Word Types

The dictionary will look up definitions for all possible meanings of that word. As you click on a definition you should notice a small blue rectangle indicating which type of word it is: noun, verb, adjective or adverb.

You can restrict the results to certain types of words by selecting the appropriate radio button. If the radio button you want is greyed out then there is no definition of that type for that word.

Dictionary Dialog Similar Words

For each definition Read and Write will attempt to list some words which have a similar meaning (although I have noticed that occasionally it lists wholly inappropriate words that have nothing in relation to the original word). Double clicking on one of these synonyms will (if possible) insert it into your document.

Drag the corner of the Dictionary window to enlarge the text
You can enlarge the text in the Dictionary dialog by increasing the size of the whole window. To do this use your mouse to drag the bottom-right corner of the window as far as you think it should go.

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