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Locating Lost Scanned Files

Read & Write has a bit of a design flaw that may lead you to lose the documents that you have been scanning in. When a scan is made Read & Write's default setting is to give it a unique name (which is assembled using the current date and time) and save it in your computer's temporary folder. This then automatically opens in Word.

Unless you use File > Save As to save your document under a memorable name and in a memorable location then Read & Write will simply keep it in your temporary folder under its original name. This can make these files very difficult to find later and they can even be permanently erased automatically by your computer's disk-clean up feature.

Locating lost files in the Temp folder

To Locate Lost Files

Click on the START button and select RUN...

The Run Dialog should appear. Into this type:


and press OK.

Finding your missing file

Windows should bring up an Folder Explorer window entitled 'Temp'. This is the folder where Windows keeps all of its temporary files that can usually be safely cleared away. Quite often Windows is set-up to automatically empty this folder on a regular basis so therefore it's best to get your scanned documents out of here as soon as possible!

If you look through the list of folders you should find some that are named with the date and time in the format of dd-mm-yyyy hh-mm-ss, for example15-10-2005 21-51-42. It should have a Word icon if you have Microsoft Word correctly installed onto your computer. The file is actually in the RTF format rather than DOC (the usual format that Word uses). RTF is an abbreviation of Rich Text Format and is perfectly adequate for most documents so don't worry too much about converting it.

Assuming you have found them you can rescue each document one at a time. Double-click on the first document and short open up in Microsoft Word. Immediately go to the File menu and select Save As. Be sure to change the folder to My Documents (or wherever you feel is best to store your documents) and give the file a sensible name.

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