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Importing Symbols into Textease

If you have Writing With Symbols 2000 then there's no reason that I know of why you shouldn't be able to use the Rebus/Widgit or PCS symbols in other programs. Like Textease.

Now Textease has its own way of importing symbols but frankly it's a lot easier and quicker to drag and drop from Windows Explorer. Here's how to do it:

TextEase Toolbar

Textease has it's own built in tool for importing clipart and files from around your hard disk. Problem is it's a bit cumbersome to use and rather slow.

If you like my large green cursor then you can get it for free it from my downloads page.

Start Menu Now I find Windows Explorer to provide a much slicker interface than Textease. Click on your Start button and select My Computer.
My Computer Drives

Now open the drive that contains your Widgit symbols. If you installed them on your hard disk then you'll mostly likely find them on your C: drive. If you didn't install them or can't find them on your hard drive then they're also available on the WWS2000 CDROM.

To open an icon like this usually requires a double click. If you find double clicking difficult then you could click it once to highlight it and then press Enter to open it.

WidResources folder

Now you need to look for and open a folder called WIDRESOURCES.

If you can't find it then you'll need to back up a step and try another drive.

Within the WIDRESOURCES fold you'll find some more folders. Blimey! One of these is called 'Graphics' and that's where Writing With Symbols keeps all the symbol graphics!

When you open the Graphics folder you'll see that there are various symbol sets in there. Open one up, for example PCS-UK-co, and inside you'll find a separate folder for each letter of the alphabet.

View Menu Thumbnails item It's a good idea at this point to change your view to show Thumbnails. That way you'll get a handy gallery of clear PCS symbols under each letter of the alphabet. Don't be surprised if you have to do this more than once as you navigate around from one folder to another.
Folder with icons

You also need to position Windows Explorer on the screen so that you can see Textease and Explorer at the same time. This will let you drag symbols from Explorer and drop them into Textease.

Restore Button

Take your pointer to the bottom-right corner of the Windows Explorer window to resize it to sit alongside Textease. If you can't get into the corner then your window is probably maximized and you'll need to correct that by pressing the restore button and then trying again.

You can move your window into the correct position over Textease by dragging the title bar (that's the large blue bar that runs along the top of most Windows programs - and yep has the title of the program in it)

TextEase and Windows Explorer Once you've got your explorer window into the correct position you can simply drag symbols on to Textease using your mouse. If you want to get rid of Explorer then use the minimise button to hide it and then select it on the task bar to bring it back.