Solutions for computer mouse difficulties

The computer mouse uses a complex arrangement of tricky hand movements with which a lot of people struggle. There are mice available in a wide variety of forms and sizes that might help. There are also lots of alternatives to mice: rollerballs/trackballs, joysticks, head pointing, switch access and eye gaze. You can find out more about all of these here and how to change settings in your computer to make these easier to use.

I find it difficult to hold the mouse steady

Try slowing down the movement of the pointer, install free software to ‘level out’ a tremor, check out some alternative mice or learn how to use the keyboard to get stuff done without the mouse.

It’s difficult to position the pointer onto small things

Try making your target buttons, menus and icons bigger or using options that ‘snap’ the mouse to targets.

I am left handed

First you should find a mouse that is designed to fit your left hand. Then you’ll probably want to swap the buttons over.

I find double-clicking difficult

You can slow down the double click speed or replace the need to double-click with a single-click by changing one option in Windows.

I find single-clicking difficult

You could try an alternative mouse or add a switch that provides the click action. Also you could try out some free dwell software that allows you to hover over items in order to select them – no clicking required!

I find it difficult to see the mouse pointer

Find out how you can enlarge the mouse pointer, change its colours, add pointer trails and locate the pointer using a keypress.

I want to use the keyboard instead of the mouse

It is possible, and often quicker, to use the keyboard to perform most of the tasks that people usually reach for the mouse in order to complete.

It hurts when I use the mouse

If you experience pain when using the mouse or keyboard you should speak to your doctor or your employer’s occupational health service. There are many specialist ergonomic mice that claim to help reduce the development of strain injuries. It might also be worth considering whether you are using the mouse too much, the position in which you are sitting and the clutter on your desk. Changing from a standard keyboard to a compact keyboard can also help reduce pain associated with using the mouse. And remember you can learn to use the keyboard instead of the mouse.

Specialist mice, rollerballs/trackballs and joysticks

If you’re really struggling to use a mouse, or experiencing pain and discomfort, you might want to consider trying out an alternative mouse.

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