Sticky Keys in Windows 10


Holding down more than one key at a time is needed to produce the symbols above the the numbers as well as an assortment of shortcut keys (e.g. CTRL+P to Print) and several other situations. It is also quicker than using CAPS LOCK for doing Single Capital Letters.

However – many people find it difficult to hold down two keys at the same time – especially if they’re a fair distance apart, like right ALT and P.

Fortunately there’s a feature built right into Windows that allows you to press one at a time. It’s called StickyKeys and here’s how to get it working in Windows 10:

Open the Windows start menu and click on the gear icon

Click on the Ease of Access item in the Windows Settings menu

Click on “Keyboard” text

Under Stick Keys slide the toggle switch for “Press one key at a time for keyboard shortcuts”

Windows will provide a few extra options when you have enabled Sticky Keys. You might want to turn off the “Turn off Sticky Keys by releasing a modifier key in combination with another key” option as this can confuse people who accidentally press two keys at once.

The sound is useful to know that the Sticky Keys feature is enabled but can get annoying and might not be suitable for the office or classroom environment.