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Switch Activities & Accessible Software

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Switch Accessible Software

Basic Switch Skills

These programs consist mainly of picture building and hit-and-happen activities designed for early switch users people with severe cognitive difficulties. They can provide sensory stimulation while teaching the basics of course and effect.


Developing Skills

These activities require a slightly higher degree of cognitive ability as they involve timing, turn-taking and basic scanning.


Advanced Skills

These programs can be more accurately described as 'tools' that allow access to computer systems for people with severe physical difficulties. They involve more advanced scanning techniques and ICT skills.


Switch-Accessible Games

Many older arcade games from the 80s and 90s had simple controllers which means they can be adapted to be accessible for switch users. There are an increasing number of switch-accessible arcade style games available, many of which are free.

There are also many free Flash Games available on the Internet that require just one or two key presses to work. By setting these keypresses in an appropriate switch driver these programs become immediately switch accessible.

Animations of switches in use

These animations require the Flash plug-in to be installed on your computer.


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