What’s happening at BLTT.org?

Those of you who visit the website often, or those who are just looking at the feed, will notice that content is not being updated very often. There are also a large number of links that lead to a “page not found” error.

Obviously this is not the intended role of this website but is due to the busy activity of the author of the site in both his work as an AT & AAC consultant and his newly married life at home.

As part of my commitment to the promotion of AT & AAC I shall endeavour to add a new article of original content each week and to repair broken links whenever I have the time.

In the meantime, there is plenty of amazing content out there online from all over the world. I recommend that you follow me on twitter @dangerOT where I’m active on a daily basis sharing this information with my followers.

But please do continue to ask me questions through the site and hopefully, in the near future, I’ll find a bit more time to add original content here.

All the best,

Charlie Danger

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