Windows 7 to Include Free Improved Magnifier

Great news for visually impaired computer users. The basic Windows Magnifier utility that has been knocking around since Windows 95 has finally been ditched for something significantly more practical.

The new version due to ship free with Windows 7 allows full-screen magnification and a moving lens. It is operated simply by holding Windows Key and pressing plus/minus. It supports zoom increments of 25% and will magnify up to 1600%. The program doesn’t smooth text as well as Zoomtext, Lunar and the other commerical programs but doesn’t do a bad job.

See for yourself in this video of the Windows 7 magnifier in action:

A higher quality version of this video is available on the video’s youtube page.

Don’t forget my main website contains lots of information about making Windows XP accessible for people with low vision.

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